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We manufacture jigs for hand laying model railroad tracks, switches, crossovers, crossings wyes and curved turnouts. Our jigs are made to NMRA and Prototypical standards and with a little practice you can make quality turnouts, crossings, curved turnouts, wyes, 3-way, gauntlets, slip switches and crossovers quickly and easily, that will enhance your layout and be the envy of your friends.

Our jigs are made from GPO-3 Red Laminate. This material is dimensionally stable, temperature resistant, and will not conduct heat away while soldering. It will stand up to repeated use, so many switches can be made from single jig.

PCB ties allow quick construction of hand laid model railroad tracks by soldering stock rails, frogs, and guard rails in place to hold gauge. Our PCB ties are machined which allows ties to have a very clean edge, precise dimensions and are always perfectly flat.

We currently offer jigs in HO, HOn2, HOn3, HOn30, N and Z gauges. Our switches are made to Prototypical standards in tie placement so CVT switch ties can be used. We plan for offer more gauges in the future and as we find a need. If you don't see the jig you want, ask us if we can produce it for you.

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